How to share something relevant within ten minutes, in front of 25 young European people? A moment that has to be transformed into a “tuto”. The demo sessions aimed at it, during these two weeks in Italy. Every morning, a participant had the opportunity to share a talent, knowledge, a specific skill, during a short presentation. They were filmed and published as a clip on the web platform.

A squad — made of five participants — had the task of organizing and coordinating the demos, agreeing on their form, duration and dissemination. Then it was necessary to expose the idea to the whole group, to know who was interested and draw up a list of the talents and plan a schedule.

This is how we learned three simple guitar chords that allow to play many pieces; discover a traditional Arab dance (the dabkeh); learned an African song (Fatouwé); attended a demonstration on the arrangement and role of lights in the theatre; discover basic techniques to climb a rock face to reach a private balcony or were introduced to the art of yoga and its “greeting to the sun”.

Some of these demos became a real leitmotif throughout the project, including the dance and singing that was repeated very often, even in the airport on the day of departure. Moreover, these moments changed for a while the dynamics of the group: the time of the demo, we were all listening to one of the members of the group who distinguished himself by his talent. Finally, these demos have had as consequences to make us more attentive to certain things, whether in the project or in our personal life: the play of lights during performances through the demo on the light in the theatre; or the importance of our breathing and relaxation times after yoga demo.

Finally, these demos are also an opportunity to share these moments with all those who wish to live an experience like this and participate in our next projects!